Grey Spinel With Lab Report. 7.84ct, Clarity AAA+
  • £6,250.00

Grey Spinel From Mogok (Burma). 3.85ct, Clarity AA
  • £2,700.00

Grey Spinel With Lab Report. 3.97ct, Clarity AAA+
  • £2,900.00

Pale to Medium Pink Spinel with Lab Report. 4.02ct, Clarity AAA+
  • £4,800.00

Teal Spinel From Mogok(Burma). 3.58ct, Clarity AA
  • £2,350.00

Natural Spinel From Mogok(Burma). 2.55ct, Clarity AA
  • £1,020.00

Dark Green Spinel From Mogok(Burma). 3.78ct, Clarity AA
  • £2,650.00

Pink Spinel From Mogok (Burma). 1.49ct, Clarity AAA+
  • £1,700.00

Natural Spinel From Mogok (Burma). 3.60ct, Clarity AA
  • £2,500.00

Green Spinel From Mogok (Burma). 3.75ct Clarity AA
  • £2,600.00

Intense red Burmese Spinel 0.94ct, Clarity AAA
  • £1,034.00